The Debate over Coconut Oil, Space Wine, and More Food News

June 30, 2017
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Is coconut oil good for you?

A Raging Debate: Is Coconut Oil Good for You?
The American Heart Association has caused quite a stir with their recent announcement: “because coconut oil increases LDL cholesterol, a cause of [cardiovascular disease], and has no known offsetting favorable effects, we advise against the use of coconut oil.”

New GMO Documentary: Food Evolution
Food Evolution explores both sides of the GMO issue. “As food scientists who were tired of seeing their work denigrated and diminished by less detail-oriented, if often well-intentioned, media and activists that focused on fear-mongering over facts, their overarching goal for this project was to promote a more science-based conversation about food, and not to advance any particular agenda.”

Gourmet Hospital Food Should Be on the Menu
We loved this story about a cooking competition to bring healthy dishes to the Premier network of hospitals in Asheville, NC. “Hospital chefs and food service workers across Premier’s networks submit themed recipes in the months leading up to the conference, at which four finalists compete for the top award. This year’s theme was on-trend bowls, just broad enough to attract a variety of interpretations.” The winner was a Santa Fe Breakfast Bowl, full of farro, black beans, fresh vegetables, avocado and salsa verde, all for $1.68 per serving. -- Washington Post

Can We Please Grow Some Zero-Gravity Grapes?
“A scientist from NASA’s Vegetable Production System called “Veggie” says space viticulture might be possible with the right technology and a lot of patience. While the harsh conditions of the final frontier and lack of space (no pun intended) would complicate wine production, Veggie principal investigator Gioia Massa says growing vines on a spacecraft would not be impossible.” -- Gizmodo. Not impossible! We’ll take it.

Chocolate Is Brain Food. (We Knew That.)
Researchers in Italy have solid data on the cognitive effects of cocoa flavanols. “Participants showed, among others, enhancements in working memory performance and improved visual information processing after having had cocoa flavanols. And for women, eating cocoa after a night of total sleep deprivation actually counteracted the cognitive impairment (i.e. less accuracy in performing tasks) that such a night brings about. Promising results for people that suffer from chronic sleep deprivation or work shifts.” -- Science Daily


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