At WichCream, Ice Cream Sandwiches Join the Real Food Movement

November 01, 2017
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WichCream Owners, Lauren and Brandon Belk with their son and dog, Sully
WichCream Owners, Lauren and Brandon Belk, with their family.

We interviewed Brandon and Lauren Belk, co-owners of WichCream in Charleston, about working with farmers to make quality ice cream, and how their work influences the way he thinks about their pets’ health and happiness.

Edible Communities: Tell us about WichCream. What's your vision, and how did you get it off the ground?

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Brandon & Lauren Belk: We started Wich Cream to provide a nostalgic treat that everyone loved growing up in a way that was sustainable while also showcasing and supporting our local farmers and purveyors as much as possible. Our vision is to expand outside of South Carolina and be able to network and work with other farmers and be able to educate and bring a larger awareness to the real food movement. When we came up with the idea, we were testing different recipes in our apartment kitchen but always especially with the dream of being able to source local dairy for our ice cream sandwiches. You can truly taste the difference! We love being able to showcase these farmers’ work in a form that most everyone can enjoy.

Edible: And you have a dog, Sully! How did you meet?

Brandon & Lauren: We rescued Sully as a 3 month old puppy from Charleston Animal Society! He had such a sweet story — he was 1 of 11 puppies that were found with their mother as strays on an old naval base in the area. She had kept the puppies alive for days with no direct access to food or water. When they brought them in, an amazing local family ended up fostering them, and they nursed the mom and all the puppies (half of which had contracted pneumonia from being left out in the elements) back to health. With all the love and care that they had received from the family and their mother, all the puppies survived and were adopted, and the mother ended up being adopted by the foster family! With such a loving start to his life, Sully has turned out to be the most loving, loyal, and sweetest dog! 

Edible: Has Sully ever inspired your work, and how?

Brandon & Lauren: I would definitely say that Sully always inspires us to take some time to unwind and just be. Owning our own business has been exhaustively non-stop, but Sully is always there to put us back in the moment and remind us that family is the most important thing. 

Edible: What do you and Sully do for fun? What's his perfect day?

Brandon & Lauren: Sully loves to play with his partner-in-crime — our son, Thomas! Whether they are playing some silly (and always rambunctious) made up game in the house or gallivanting outside in the backyard, Sully definitely has the most fun with Thomas. He of course also loves a good adventure to the dog park! Sully’s perfect day would simply consist of playing with Thomas and his two favorite dog buds, Ruby and Calhoun, and then passing out on our couch.

Edible: How does your work influence how you think about Sully's health, diet, and happiness?

Brandon & Lauren: In our work, it is important to us to always try to source the best ingredients possible for our ice cream sandwiches because that is how we feed our own family -- Sully included of course! The food we eat has such a huge impact on our health, so we find it super important to make sure that Sully eats well so he can enjoy a long & healthy life with us.

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