Meet the 2018 EDDY Award Winners!

January 22, 2018
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The results of the 2018 EDDY Awards are in! More than 30 superstar judges in the food world weighed in, and the winners were announced at our national conference in Nashville in January of 2018. Who won best recipe? Best cover? Best feature story? Here are all of the winners!


George Meintel
George Meintel

Feature Story: Farmer, Rancher, Fisher, Grower

Edible Idaho - Fishing for Sustainability by Guy Hand

What the judges said: “It made me hope that a lot of people would read it, learn about what the fishing industry actually looks looks like, and what it takes to go out on your own.” -- Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

“This exceptionally well-written story starts out with what sounds like a typical fisherman and his wife embarking on a day’s work, but it takes a surprising turn. In a twist to the usual local-food story, the reader discovers how this couple is trying to overcome economic and market forces. This piece is informative, moving, and reveals that the journey of a local food fish is not as linear and simple as one might assume.” -- Mi Ae Lipe, author of Bounty from the Box, the CSA Cookbook.

Edible Capital District:  A Beekeeper's Curious Life by Donna de Palma
Edible Ottawa: The Big Picture by Jessie Duffy
Edible Aspen: Home, James by Laurel Miller
Edible Houston: Little House on the Shiner Prairie by Francine Spiering


Lawanna Dowdy in the dining room of Kitchen Notes in The Omni Hotel, home of the biscuit bar.
Lawanna Dowdy in the dining room of Kitchen Notes in The Omni Hotel, home of the biscuit bar.

Feature Story: Chef

Edible Nashville - The Biscuit Maker by Jill Melton

What the judges said: “Often we celebrate those at the helm of kitchens rather than the people responsible for the details. Also I learned something...never knew cold flour made a difference.” -- Vivian Howard, chef and host of A Chef's Life on PBS, author of Deep Run Roots cookbook.

"This piece caught my attention right away and kept it. It tells a great story, with a true protagonist and illustrates how food is technical but also fills very deep human needs." -- Allison Cayne, owner of Haven's Kitchen in NYC and author of the cookbook by the same name.

Edible Ohio Valley: Our Culinary Roots by Karen Kahle
Edible Philly: Healthy Decadence by Tenaya Darlington
Edible Silicon Valley: Experimental Gastronomy by Kristin Conard
Edible Santa Fe: Another Day in Polvaderadise by Candolin Cook


Blue Ridge Creamery
Blue Ridge Creamery

Feature Story: Food Artisan

Edible Upcountry - The Cheese Whiz by Ashley Warlick

What the judges said: "'The Cheese Whiz' is beautifully written, extremely descriptive, and has great touches of humor. You can almost taste the cheese with the author’s wonderful descriptions. Christian Hansen’s passion for what he does is contagious and exciting." -- Corky, Tracy, Lori, and Dana Pollan of The Pollan Family Table.

"Wonderful piece that weaves in technical details with personal story, which to me exemplifies the Edible mission. I am going looking for this cheesemaker's stuff, and I look forward to reading more from Warlick." -- Stephanie Burt, The Southern

Edible Vancouver & Wine Country: The Fermenter's Pace by Helen Stortini
Edible Capital District: Food Trucks -- A Love Story by Kathleen Willcox
Edible South Florida: Tree-to-Bar Chocolate by Gretchen Schmidt
Edible Philly: Meet West Philly's Injera Lady by Alex Jones

Urban Artifact beer
Urban Artifact focuses on flavor to push the boundaries of what beer is—and what it can be.

Feature Story: Drink Artisan

Edible Ohio Valley - Beer Meets Food by Tom Morgan

What the judges said: "Tom Morgan brings the new beer to life: you can smell elderflowers, dill, and yeast, taste hops and raspberries, and imagine them unfolding their qualities in a glass of cold golden beer, fresh from the tap. After reading his article, even as a German used to very strict rules when it comes to brewing beer, I would consider a fruit-refined creation from Urban Artifact. Mr Morgan left me with the conclusion: a small, local beer production built on tradition paired with the reckless bravery of the youth, that’s the future!" -- Meike Peters, James Beard Award winner for Eat in My Kitchen.

Edible Louisville: Spirits Soar by Steve Coomes
Edible Houston: The Young Turks of Texas Wine by Russell Kane
Edible East Bay: Brewer with a Cause by Derrick Peterman
Edible Silicon Valley: Old World Spirits by Yvonne Cornell


Illustration by Peach Davis

Feature Story: Sustainability

Edible Queens - Incredible, Inedible Oysters by Eleanor Cummins

What the judges said: “Clever language, digestible science, and thought provoking, I thought this article was both personal to the locality and successful in telling the broader story about something most people only think of as food. The author provides strong evidence for maintaining natural ecosystems for the edibility and terroir (or merroir in this case) of our food but also connects us to the important role that food species often play in the health of the environment. I love how this story presents oysters as both requiring and contributing to a healthy environment and in this way gets the reader thinking about the give and take we each have with sustaining and consuming our environment’s resources.” -- Sheila Bowman, Manager of Culinary and Strategic Initiatives at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Edible Jersey: Building Reefs, Business and Community by Jenn Hall
Edible Upcountry: The Dining Hall Comes of Age by Rebecca McKinney
Edible Hudson Valley: Black Magic by Anisse Gross
Edible Capital District: The North Country School – A Pioneer in Edible Education by Maria Buteux Reade


Feature Story: Social Issue

Edible Rhody - Immigrant Workers and the Seasonal Farms of New England by Leigh Vincola

What the judges said: "Who knew that it was possible to write about something as arcane as the H-2A visa program in a way that is both comprehensible and interesting? The author succeeds by telling the story through the experiences of New England farmers who know all too well that, even in the Northeast, 'local food today doesn't happen without foreign workers.'" -- Barry Estabrook, James-Beard-Award-winning journalist.

"The topic of immigration workers is more relevant than ever, this article provides insight into an otherwise misunderstood situation. I found this article truly educational and feel like it gave an honest account of the farmers perspective. Vital for helping us all understand our food system and what it needs to function." -- Tom Hunt, chef and author of The Natural Cook.

Edible Louisville: Good in the Agrihood by Jere Downs
Edible Indy: The School Lunch Tray by Rachel D. Russell with contributions Shauna L. Nosler
Edible Houston: Paper Suit Off, Apron On by Francine Spiering
Edible Queens: Queens Bakers Rise to Resist by Neil Chiragdin


Feature Story: Recipe 

Edible Santa Barbara - Time for Tea by Pascale Beale

What the judges said: “Pascale Beale's love letter to tea is the antidote to the sippy cup-of-coffee craze. Let's make more time for tea and her lovely tea-time recipes.” -- Melissa Hamilton, chef, food stylist, illustrator, co-founder of Canal House.

"I've read a million stories about teatime, but this one stood out, and stuck with me. First of all, I found myself planning to save these recipes, no matter what the outcome of judging, which told me something. These are practical, doable recipes -- something that we've all seen a lot of -- but they had deep, satisfying, complex flavors, and nicely textural compositions, while remaining true to classic form. I enjoyed how the writer wove in history and family memories relating to tea, and the amusing perspective on all of the conflicting opinions about "proper" tea. It's respectful reporting without that usual position of taking it all too seriously. This story ranged around the world, then came back home to Santa Barbara." -- Lisa McManus, Executive Tasting and Testing Editor of America's Test Kitchen.

Edible Cape Cod: Fake News & Spinach Pie by Veronica Worthington
Edible Hudson Valley: Ramps by the Side of the Road by Jennifer Solow
Edible Ohio Valley: Grill & Herb by The EOV Kitchen
Edible South Florida: Perfect Peppers by Maria Anselmo


Illustration by Felicia Weston

Personal Essay

Edible Idaho - A Midwinter Daydream by Casey O'Leary

What the judges said: “Eating seasonally requires discipline, and I enjoyed the desperation of this piece that is so relatable for foodies. A fresh perspective on an old dilemma.” -- Amanda Miller, Executive Director at the Association of Food Journalists

Edible Louisville: Art in Every Loaf by Jim Betts
Edible Jersey: A Suitcase of Tomatoes by Christina Baker Kline
Edible Monterey Bay: Stranded by Linda Sonrisa Jones
Edible Ohio Valley: Pass It On by Sarah Whitman


Photography by Jamie Kronick

Photography: Feature Story

Edible Ottawa - The Odd Bits by Katie Shapiro, photos by Jamie Kronick

What the judges said: "I doubt anyone who sees and read this story will ever forget these images. They are surprising and original while referencing 17th century still life paintings. In these times where the kryovaked boneless skinless chicken breast reigns supreme it is a lush reminder of the glories of the whole animal. It is an original idea realized beautifully." -- Christopher Hirsheimer, photographer and co-founder of Canal House.

"This artful still life of offal made me say 'Wow!' It’s beautifully arranged, lit, and photographed, and makes an unexpectedly inviting entree into a usually off-putting subject." -- Wendy Ruopp, Managing Editor of Eating Well Magazine.

Edible Silicon Valley: Experimental Gastronomy by Kristin Conard | Photography by Eric Wolfinger
Edible Louisville: Home Team Spirit at Jeptha by Steve Coomes | Photos by Andrew Hyslop
Edible Cape Cod: Splendid Ocean Views by Larry Egan | Photos by David Hills
Edible Vancouver & Wine Country: Down by the Sea – Foraging for Superfood by Michelle Nelson | Images by Candice Kabantsov


Photography: Recipe

Edible San Diego - The Deckman Difference by Sarah Shoffler | Photos by Chris Rov Costa

What the judges say: "Chris Rov Costa’s food photography makes me hungry, he makes me want to grab the oysters that he captures in his photograph, sparkling fresh in the sunlight, to taste their cold saltiness in my mouth, and wash it down with a glass of crisp white wine. Making our mouths water is just what food photography should do." -- Meike Peters, James Beard Award winner for Eat in My Kitchen.

"On the most basic level, these photos are beautifully shot; crisp, clear and lit to make the mouth water. More importantly in this case, the photography makes the talented chef and the stunning dishes seem open and approachable." -- Amanda Feifer, fermentation educator, author and blogger.

Edible Houston: Homemade Gifts – Cookies Galore! by Francine Spiering | Photos by Jenn Duncan
Edible Monterey Bay: Demystifying Asian Greens by Jamie Collins | Photography by Patrick Tregenza
Edible Green Mountains: Pork Chops – A Rite of Pasture. Photography by Brie Passano | Styling by Jude Goldman
Edible New Hampshire: Winter Squash Wonderland by Christine Burns Rudalevige | Photos by Jennifer Bakos



Edible DC - Edible Afield: A Spin in the Countryside by David Amini, map design by Torie Patridge, Cherry Blossom Creative

What the judges said: “The illustration is so vibrant and appealing, you just want to tear out the map, hop on your bike, and make all the stops along the way. What a delicious ride!” -- Melissa Hamilton, chef, food stylist, illustrator, co-founder of Canal House.

Edible Capital District: Utica's Homegrown Renaissance by Maria Buteux Reade | Illustrated by Lauren Blair
Edible Green Mountains: Hot Chocolate by Laurie Caswell | Illustrated by Lauren Blair
Edible Alaska: Tlingit and Haida Potatoes by Bethany Goodrich | Art by Michaela Goade
Edible Rhody: The Cocktail Pantry by Willa Nostrand | Illustrations by Priscilla Weidlein



Edible East Bay - In Madame Huang’s Kitchen by Scott Peterson

What the judges said: “This film made great use of imagery, sound, music and creative narration. It provided a truly unique window into world of Chinese cooking. It really evoked my senses and made me want to learn more about Chinese culture and cooking.” -- Corinne Boudreaux, founder of 360 Degrees; producer Anthony Bourdain's Wasted: The Story of Food Waste.

Edible Hudson Valley: Christian Petroni's Iron Cross Lamb, Video by Jennifer May
Edible Nutmeg: Sport Hill Farm, Video by Pork Belly Productions
Edible Idaho: Cosmic Apple Gardens, Video by Guy Hand
Edible Rhody: Trap Fishing with the Wheelers, Video by David H. Wells



Edible Tulsa - Campfire Mushrooms Photo by Brooke Allen

What the judges said: "We love the way the photo is both fiery and warm at the same time and that the image covers the entire page. The mushrooms look like they were just picked in the forest and reinforce the “local” subject matter. The print is simple and subtle to keep your focus on the gorgeous photo." -- Corky, Tracy, Lori, and Dana Pollan of The Pollan Family Table.

"This cover has it all—delicious food, atmosphere, seasonality, regionality—everything Edible stands for. The image's rich palette allows 'Edible Tulsa' to stand out front and center, without losing the vibe. This one photograph tells a story of cooking in a cast iron skillet over ashy coals after foraging in the forest for mushrooms on a cool spring afternoon. Perfect cover." -- Christopher Hirsheimer, photographer and co-founder of Canal House.



Jennifer Kramer-Wine of Edible Ohio Valley celebrates winning the EDDY Award for Drink Artisan Feature Story.

Special thanks to the sponsors of the 2018 EDDY Awards celebration.

What a treat to have a team from Publication Printers join us in Nashville! 

Thanks again to St. Francis Winery for bringing the wine to our celebration dinner!

And we were so thrilled to have these on our table:
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey
Lodge Cast Iron
Ball Canning
DeBrand Fine Chocolates
Tennessee Brew Works
Rishi Tea


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